EATON 3 phase DILM Series Contactors

High operational reliability with a long lifespan, the DILM series of contactors from the xStart system are ideal for AC-4 jogging, ensuring continual operation for busy environments. This generation of modular components benefit from technology advances for motor switching and control. A series of extremely durable and interference immune, DILM contactors also handle all demands when used in conjunction with PLCs. The AC and DC components in this series from EATON offer 3 pole contactors up to 170 A AC-3 at 400 V and 4 pole contactors up to 200 A AC-1.

Features and Benefits:

• Compatible with the SmartWire-DT® communication system
• Identical sizes for AC and DC operated contactors
• Minimised heat dissipation - energy saving
• Direct Fieldbus connection
• Integrated suppressor circuit for DC models

Features and Benefits:

This range of contactors can be used across a multitude of applications, users will commonly find these contactors being used within industrial settings such as factory automation, railway transportation, electrical systems, electric motor, lighting, and mechanical engineering.

How contactors operate?

Contactors, unlike relays, are specifically designed to connect to high current load devices. Used in larger-scale applications, a contactor is a switch that can be controlled remotely, specifically designed to switch a large amount of electrical power through its contacts. If a device has the ability to switch more than 15 amperes it is called a contactor. These devices also feature high coil voltages which is rare within relays.

Typical Application

• 3 poles contactor
• 230 V ac coil with a contact current rating of 95 A
• 400 V ac contact voltage rating
• Power rating of 45 kW
• Screw terminal

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