Eaton Moeller ZE-6 4-6A

Eaton/Moeller ZE-6 thermal overload relay that is adjustable from 4 to 6 AMPS and mounts to any DILEM-10 or DILEM-01 3-pole contactor. This 3-phase overload relay comes with a manual and automatic reset, phase loss sensitivity, and a set of normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts for signaling purposes. The ZE-6 relay mounts to the load side of any 9 AMP Moeller miniature contactor, has screw terminals, and provides complete motor protection for Class 10 tripping applications.

Thermal overload motor protection has come a long way from the eutectic alloy solder-pots and replaceable “heaters” of yesterday. Today’s IEC-style relays from Moeller feature bimetal technology that is very consistent, reliable, and economical.

A great combination

Most of our thermal relays are specifically designed to be close-coupled to a matching contactor. Virtually all ZE, ZB and Z5-series overloads, which cover the range from fractional to 250A, are direct mount designs. The resulting motor starters fit in an extremely compact footprint as narrow as 45mm. Protection for larger amp sizes is accomplished with Moeller’s ZW7 overload relay with integrated current transformers.

Many standard features

Z-series overloads are the ideal choice In most industrial starting applications. Below 250A, all relays are Class 10, which means they trip within 10 seconds of a locked rotor condition. Many motor manufacturers agree that Class 10 devices offer superior protection against overloads, and also extend motor life by protecting winding insulation. All of Moeller’s thermal overload relays have ambient temperature compensation, automatic or manual reset and a test button. In addition, trip indication and a tripfree release are important safety features. Trip-free releases prevent the device from being held closed, even in the event of an overload.

Easy installation and operation

Once the overload is installed, a convenient dial adjustment is used to set the motor full load amps. Moeller’s factory calibration assures that your motor investment is protected accurately.
AMP Range 4 to 6 AMPS
Reset Manual or Automatic
Phase Loss Protection? Yes
Tripping Characteristic Class 10 (10 seconds or less)
Auxiliaries 1 N.O. and 1 N.C.

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