Eaton Moeller DILER-22 220vAC

Eaton / Moeller DILER-22 (190v50Hz/220v60Hz) 4 pole miniature control relay with 2 normally open and 2 normally closed power poles and a 190/220 volt AC rated coil. Each relay in this series comes with screw terminals, can be mounted on standard 35MM Din rail or base mounted, and optional DILE auxiliary contacts can be added for an additional 4 poles of switching. Most importantly the DILER-22 (190v50Hz/220v60Hz) contacts are positively guided, which means the normally open contacts can never be closed while the normally closed contacts are open, protecting each state.

Moeller’s miniature DILER relays are small but rugged. These four-pole devices are housed in a package only 45mm (1.77”) wide, but provide up to 10 million operations! Two and four-pole auxiliary contact blocks can be used to create a six or eight-pole relay. The base relay and auxiliaries are all rated to 10 AMPS (UL/CSA general purpose).
Contact Set 2 normally open/2 normally closed
Coil Voltage 190/220 volt AC rated
AMP rating 10 AMPS UL Rated
Terminals Screw

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