Eaton Moeller DILM150-XHI40

Eaton / Moeller DILM150-XHI40 four-pole auxiliary contact block with 4 normally open contacts and screw terminals. This front-mounted auxiliary snaps onto any Moeller DILM contactor (from 40 to 150 AMPS) and Eaton XTCE contactors up to frame G and comes with screw terminals. Only one DILM150-XHI40 auxiliary block can be used per relay or contactor but other options in 2-pole front mounted and 2-pole side mounted are available.

Flexibility, safety, and economy… Moeller’s DIL series of control relays offer modern features in a compact, smart design. The line is made up of two models; DILA relays, which are based on Moeller’s new range of popular DILM contractors; and DILER relays, which are built in the same compact frame as our miniature DILEM contactors. Both lines share the same accessories with their contactor family. This simplifies stocking and makes ordering fast and efficient.

Base DILA control relays have four poles rated to 10 amps, (UL/CSA general purpose). Two and four-pole auxiliary contact blocks may be added to increase the relay’s capacity to a maximum of eight poles. Various NO and NC configurations are available, including late break and early make. Auxiliary contacts are also rated to 10 amps. A comprehensive range of accessories from suppressors and voltage indicators to amplifiers and timing modules make DIL A relays a great choice for applications demanding maximum flexibility.

Number of Poles 4
Mounting Front
Contact arrangement

4 normally open



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