LS-Titan Metal Body

The LS-Titan range of key interlock limit switches from Eaton is designed for monitoring the position of protective guards, such as doors, flaps, hoods and grilles. These switches are safety rated and include positive opening NC contacts meaning they cannot be defeated using basic tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and nails.

The LS-Titan range of limit switches includes 3 safety limit switch types: key interlock, door flap and door hinge switches. The key interlock switches are made up of the switch and the actuator (or key). The switch is mounted to a rigid section of the machine while the actuator is fixed to a movable guard. By opening the guard the actuator is no longer in physical contact with the switch, therefore positively breaking the NC contacts which interrupts the electrical control circuit, stopping the machine.

Door flap and door hinge limit switches are suitable when mounting actuator in the application is not possible. When an attempt is made to open the protected door hinge or flap during operation these limit switch systems automatically disconnect the power supply.

Eaton LS-Titan metal body limit switches provide high personnel and process protection in industrial control applications. Designed for use in safety circuits, the limit switches are quickly installed, are flexible and safe whilst offering high reliability and durability.

Features and Benefits

Modular system
Conforms to EN 50047
IP66 protection rating
Standard action or snap-action contacts, early break (EB)/Late break (LB) option available
Interlocked opposing contacts for positive operation
Cage clamp terminals which are maintenance free and vibration proof
Operating heads can be installed in a choice of 4 positions
A choice of operating heads, plunger, lever, rotary, rod
Suitable for use with electronic devices

Eaton Quick Break Plunger Limit Switch, 220V DC Maximum, 415V AC Maximum - LS-Titan Series - 266140 LSM-11S

Accurately monitor and control the position of protective guards with this innovative quick-break plunger limit switch from Eaton. It's a reliable component that automatically actuates the opening and closing or starting and stopping of moving doors, guards or grilles. The metal housing material makes the unit robust and suitable for use in demanding environments. The safety-approved rating and positive-opening NC contacts promote security by preventing bypassing or disconnections with basic tools like pliers or screwdrivers. Typical applications for this limit switch include safety doors and machinery control systems.

Features & Benefits

• Patented CAGE CLAMP technology securely connects wires without the need for stripping, crimping or soldering
• Wide operating temperatures from -25°C to +70°C for indoor and outdoor use
• Long mechanical lifetime of 8 x 1,000,000 cycles

Can I use this limit switch in harsh settings such as offshore operations?

Yes. This Eaton quick break plunger limit switch is a heavy-duty and durable component that carries IP66 and IP67 (ingress protection) ratings. This means the unit is completely dust-tight and protected against water sprays and jets, as well as full submersion.


Eaton formerly known as Moeller



Attribute Value
Actuator Type Plunger
Normal State Configuration NO/NC
IP Rating IP66, IP67
Maximum Current 6A
Housing Material Metal
Maximum AC Voltage 415V
Maximum DC Voltage 220V
Series Eaton Moeller
Action Type Quick Break
Length 76mm
Width 33.5mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Depth 31mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
Mechanical Life 8 x 1000000Cycles