Eaton Moeller DILM17-01 AC220V

Eaton/Moeller DILM17-01 contactor with an AC-rated coil (must choose coil voltage), 1 normally closed base mounted auxiliary contact, and is rated for 17 AMPS AC-3 (40 AMPS AC-1). This 3 pole IEC rated contactor is rated for 5 H.P. @ 230 volts, 10 H.P. @ 460 volt 3-phase, and comes with screw terminals.  The DILM17-01 AC contactor is a suitable replacement for the DIL0M contactor and comes with optional top and side-mounted auxiliaries along with direct-mount thermal overload relays for complete motor protection.

The DILM contactor series features dual power terminals on units up to 400A. The clamping chambers are cleverly designed to apply sufficient holding pressure to cables of varying sizes. Conventional designs are often limited by the size of the largest cable in the chamber. The line also features ingenious mechanical interlocks (rocker and ball style) that allow fast and easy assembly of contactor combinations without requiring additional space.

Auxiliary contact blocks for new DIL M contactors have mechanically linked contacts for added safety in control circuits. Mechanically linked auxiliary contacts ensure that, throughout the life of the contactor, NO and NC contacts will never close simultaneously…even if a contact welds. In addition, DIL M contactors to 65A have “mirror” contacts, which ensure that all auxiliary contacts (whether built-in or add-on) function correctly in relation to the power contacts.
Coil Voltage AC coil voltage

10 H.P. @ 460 volt

5 H.P. @ 230 volt

 AMP Rating

17 AMPS AC-3

40 AMPS AC-1

Auxiliary 1 normally closed (N.C.)

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