Eaton Moeller DILM25-10 220V AC

Eaton/Moeller DILM25-10 contactor with 220 volt AC rated coil, 1 normally open base mounted auxiliary contact, and is rated for 25 AMPS AC-3 (40 AMPS AC-1). This 3 pole IEC rated contactor is rated for 10 H.P. @ 230 volts, 15 H.P. @ 460 volt 3-phase, and comes with screw terminals.  The DILM25-10 (190v50Hz/220v60Hz) contactor is a suitable replacement for the DIL0AM 220-volt contactor and comes with optional top and side-mounted auxiliaries along with direct mount thermal overload relays for complete motor protection.
Moeller’s DILM contactor series includes a completely NEW offering in the lower 7 to 150A range. Consisting of four frame sizes, this range is the newest and most modern of any control manufacturer!

Compact design for BOTH currents

Conventional contactors designed for DC control applications can be up to 30% larger than their AC counterparts. Not anymore! Unique to Moeller’s DILM contactors, AC and DC units are the same frame size throughout the entire range. The reduced size means smaller DC panels than ever before. This also means you can now design one panel for either AC or DC control, without having to plan for a larger DC contactor.

Easy to assemble

Coil terminals are located on the front of the new contactors to simplify wiring. Both two and four-pole auxiliary contacts snap on without tools. Units 40A and above accept both side and top mount auxiliaries for increased flexibility. In addition, devices up to 32A include built-in auxiliary contacts for an increased economy with no additional space requirement.

Contacts designed for safety

Auxiliary contact blocks for new DILM contractors have positively guided contacts for added safety in control circuits. Positively guided auxiliary contacts ensure that, throughout the life of the contactor, NO and NC contacts will never close simultaneously…even if a contact welds. In addition, DILM contractors to 65A have “mirror” contacts, which ensure that all auxiliary contacts (whether built-in or add-on) function correctly in relation to the power contacts.

Special advantages of going to DC
In addition to sharing the same frame size as AC contactors, DC units of 17A and above also feature electronic drives that dramatically reduce pick-up and sealing consumption. These drives produce several benefits: • less heat is generated, eliminating the need for a fan • smaller control transformers are required • contactors up to DILM32 can be directly actuated from PLCs, eliminating the need for a coupling relay These benefits lower your cost by consuming less power, eliminating additional components, and permitting higher packing density in the panel. DC units to 150A also carry a built-in high-speed suppressor circuit, eliminating the need for purchasing and installing a separate external suppressor. Again, lower total cost and smaller panel space result. For additional safety and convenience, Moeller’s DILM DC contactors feature an expanded voltage tolerance, beyond that specified by IEC/EN 60947. This accommodates a range of -30% to +20% for DILM contractors 17A and above. It is one of the largest voltage tolerance ranges of any control manufacturer.
Coil Voltage 220 volt AC

15 H.P. @ 460 volt

10 H.P. @ 230 volt

 AMP Rating

25 AMPS AC-3

40 AMPS AC-1

Auxiliary 1 normally open (N.O.)

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