Eaton Moeller DILA-22 110V DC

Eaton/Moeller DILA-22 (110vDC) 4-pole control relay with 2 normally open (N.O.) and 2 normally closed (N.C.) power poles and a 110-volt DC coil. This 10 AMP control relay has screw terminals, can be mounted on DIN rail and up to 4 additional poles can be added with top-mounted auxiliary contacts for up to 8 total switching poles. The Moeller DILA-22 110-volt is the current replacement for the obsolete DILR-22 110-volt series and can be used in any application where a 4-pole relay is required.

AMP rating 10 AMP

2 normally open (N.O.)

2 normally closed (N.C.)

Coil Voltage 110 volt DC rated coil
Terminals Screw

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