Eaton/Moeller LS-S11S limit switch with screw terminals, 1 normally open and 1 normally closed snap-action contacts and a standard plunger actuator. Optional operating heads, such as a roller levers and actuating rods, can be added to the top of the LS-S11S limit switch in any one of four directions.  Replaces obsolete Moeller AT0-11-S-I limit switch electrically and physically though any existing operating heads would need to be replaced.
Contacts (Snap-Action)

1 normally open

1 normally closed

Terminals Screw
Enclosure Plastic (IP66)
Enclosure color Yellow

Part of Eaton/ Moeller’s Safety Technology series of products, the LS-Titan® limit switch line provides durable and reliable position detection for movable parts within an application. This line provides a broad range of operating heads and mounting options which make LS-Titan the ideal choice for many different applications. Clever design and innovation has produced the world’s first electronic adjustable operating point limit switch and an analog switch that provides continual position monitoring. With the use of an adapter, the LS-Titan line can be expanded to include pilot device operators from Eaton’s RMQ-Titan® line, resulting in miniature, cost-effective enclosed actuators, which are particularly beneficial whenever enclosed e-stops are required.