Eaton Moeller DILEM-01-G 24V DC

Eaton/Moeller DILEM-01-G (24VDC) 9 AMP 3 pole miniature contactor with 1 normally closed auxiliary contact and a 24-volt DC-rated coil. This miniature 3-pole contactor is only 45MM wide, allowing for installations in space-restricted panels and applications. With screw terminals and DIN rail mounting (also screw mounting to the back plate), the DILEM-01-G (24VDC) provides for easy installation reducing downtime and costs. Accessories include two and four-pole top-mounted auxiliaries and the ZE series thermal overload relays, that mount to the load side of this contactor.

Moeller offers a miniature contactor, the DILEM. Designed for small loads, it is available in units up to 20A and provides reliable performance for motors up to 5HP (@575V). AC and DC units are available. The DILEM miniature contactor features a large ambient temperature range, and its low power consumption permits direct actuation from a PLC. The DC version of the DILEM also includes an integrated suppressor to protect from voltage peaks that may occur when the coil is disconnected. Top-mount auxiliary contacts are available in both 2- and 4-pole configurations.
AMP Rating 9A
Number of Poles 3
Coil voltage 24 volt DC
Auxiliary Contact 1 normally closed (N.C.)

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